Greg Abbott Faces New Republican Test

Texas Governor Greg Abbott will face another test this week as he seeks to fill the state legislature with GOP lawmakers who will back his top legislative priority. Texas is holding its primary runoffs for both parties on Tuesday, when voters will head to the polls to finalize their nominees in nearly three dozen races. This election […]

Vouchers, school spending take center stage after Texas primary upsets

Last year, two dozen Texas House Republicans were celebrating their opposition to private school vouchers with pins that said “24” and “Texas schools” over a silhouette of the state. The pins were to commemorate their solidarity and remind them to continue to stand together.  But after a wave of special sessions, unprecedented political pressure from […]

Gov. Greg Abbott pushes for a legacy-defining win on school vouchers in Texas primary

“If Abbott-backed challengers prevail in five or six races, that will be a show of force powerful enough to flip the political dynamics in the House”, said John Colyandro, a former senior advisor and policy director for Abbott’s campaign and office.  But no matter Tuesday’s results, he said, Abbott’s work on education issues will be […]

Texas Tackles School Vouchers with John Colyandro Part 2

In the second segment, we discuss the intricacies of school choice and the pressing issues surrounding our public education system. We debate the complexities of this critical topic, shedding light on the nuances and challenges faced by parents, students, and policymakers alike. Discover why school choice has become a hot-button issue, as parents seek alternatives […]

Redefining Political Discourse in Texas with John Colyandro Part 1

As we enter into the session’s turbulent events, from internal party conflicts to high-profile trials, John Colyandro provides unique insights into the political process.

In this two-part conversation, discover how misinformation and social media play a role in shaping public opinion and why it’s crucial to base political discussions on facts. We explore the controversial topic of school choice and debunk some common misconceptions while shedding light on the challenges faced by special needs students in both public and private education.

Texas wants to be a leader in CCUS, but there’s an ownership question to resolve first

Texas is one of the largest emitting states in the US and stands to become ground zero of the carbon management industry. But unlike other states, Texas law provides no clarity on ownership rights of pore space — the empty underground cavities where companies can pump and permanently store captured CO2. While surface rights and mineral rights are crystal clear, Texas hasn’t defined who owns those underground pore spaces.

Carbon Neutral Coalition Executive Director John Colyandro joined S&P Global reporter Brandon Mulder on the podcast to share his insights on the issues surrounding pore space ownership, how it could be holding back the industry, and ways it could be resolved in the upcoming legislative session.

Stick around after the interview for Jeff Mower with the Market Minute, a look at near-term oil market drivers.

School choice select committee report nets positive views

With school choice likely looming for an upcoming special session, Rep. Brooks Landgraf has encountered mixed views on school choice. His colleagues are having much the same experience. “I’m having conversations all across West Texas about this issue. I have a certain number of constituents who want full-on vouchers. I have another set of constituents […]

The Texas Legislature Must Act To Protect The State’s Potential CCUS Prize

On the surface, getting a law put in place designed to facilitate the enormous economic opportunity Texas has where carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) is concerned would seem like a no-brainer. Recent studies have pointed out that Texas and Louisiana are the two states whose geology presents the biggest potential opportunity to become home […]

Texas Association of Regional Council (TARC)

On behalf of the Invest Texas Council, I recently spoke to the Texas Association of Regional Council (TARC) about the importance of public private partnerships.  I appreciated the opportunity, and look forward to working with the organization in the future. TARC’s 24 regional councils represent a vital bridge between federal, state and local governments to help spur economic […]

CPA is honored to sponsor the Legislative Prayer Breakfast.

CPA is honored to sponsor the Legislative Prayer Breakfast on Wednesday, February 23rd. The event is led by Rep. Matt Shaheen (HD-88), including guest speaker Sen. Kelly Hancock (SD-9), and featuring Pastor Tony Evans from Oak Cliff Bible Church in Dallas.Legislative Prayer Breakfast – February 23rd FEATURING PASTOR TONY EVANS FROM OAK CLIFF BIBLE CHURCH […]