Our Services

Customized strategy solutions to achieve legislative and regulatory goals for corporations and associations.


Colyandro Public Affairs is dedicated to lobbying and consulting, and formulating policy to advance the interests of the firm’s clients.  Led by policy experts, Colyandro Public Affairs achieves success through hard work, sound organization development, knowledge of state government, and creative solutions to client needs. 

Colyandro Public Affairs has a  State and Federal lobby and consulting practice in a wide range of policy areas.  Due to the wide berth of policy knowledge of the team at Colyandro Public Affairs, the firm has a portfolio including but not limited to healthcare, education, transportation, energy, cybersecurity, economic development, and a range of federal issues.


As part of the firm’s consulting services, the CPA team specializes in public relations and grasstops and grassroots engagement in support of federal and state advocacy efforts. Leveraging existing networks and creating new ones is key to successful engagement to generate third party support for client interests. To that end, Colyandro Public Affairs also works with two national firms to lead and achieve advocacy goals in Texas.


Communications is a key part of the firm’s mission for client success. From helping to draft and edit press releases and op-eds to shaping communications strategy, Colyandro Public Affairs assists clients in developing and implementing communications plans.

Over the course of his career, John has ghost written scores of op-eds and been published himself. He has prepared politicians and clients for public testimony, and has personally testified before legislative committees. In addition, he has prepared and delivered presentations in front of small and very large audiences.

Lastly, John has dealt directly with the media as a background resource on behalf of clients.

Policy Development

Each of the firm’s three associates have deep experience in policy development from state agencies to the legislature to the executive offices. Governor Abbott once referred to John Colyandro as the “architect” of his policies. Taken together, the team at Colyandro Public Affairs has decades of experience coming up with ideas that have taken the form of legislation that ultimately passed and became law. House Bill 3, the landmark public education reform bill passed in 2019, is a notable example.

Good public policy rests on sound principles and serves a public interest. That approach has made the firm immediately successful at passing legislation in Texas, including five bills in the company’s first legislative session in operation.

Because each member of the CPA team has worked in many areas of public policy — notably health care, education, and energy — CPA can help formulate policies that advance a client’s interests legislatively or administratively.


Procurement is one of the most vital aspects of government and one of the most difficult to navigate. Colyandro Public Affairs has successfully represented clients whose business model is to sell goods and services to state government. In addition, the firm, given its associates’ background in policy and agency management, launched a procurement reform coalition to bring even greater transparency and efficiency to the procurement process.

Coalition Building

A key strength of Colyandro Public Affairs is the development, launch, and management of legitimate organizations to spearhead policy discussions.  It is a common practice in lobby world to create “paper only” groups which create the false impression of support for a cause.  This is a disingenuous practice.  

Policy debates should be driven by genuine support for a cause or issue.  Since the launch of the firm, Colyandro PA has helped create and manage new organizations, two of which passed legislation in their first session of operation. 

 was founded to drive changes in state procurement policy.

was formed to reinvigorate support for public-private partnerships.