How Texas Republicans ushered in the new era of immigration policy making

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden vowed to dismantle virtually every immigration policyDonald Trump put in place as he campaigned for office on a platform calling for rebuilding a“humane” system. Yet more than a year into office, many of Trump’s marquee policies remain as Republicanstates have repeatedly blocked Biden’s attempts to change them, using the courts […]

COLYANDRO: School choice about meeting needs

By JOHN D. COLYANDRO/For The Lufkin News Jan 31, 2017Mary Ann Whiteker, superintendent of Hudson ISD, makes a number of arguments about the motivesof school choice opponents in a Jan. 18 piece for The Lufkin News, suggesting that choice advocateswant to “dismantle public education” and that school choice means “closing doors on public education.” The […]

Editorial: Texas House needs to pass water funding bill

At the outset of this year’s Legislature, Gov. Rick Perry, Lt. Gov. DavidDewhurst and House Speaker Joe Straus were clear: Legislators must find away to fund Texas’ 50-year water plan. The Republican leaders wereabsolutely right, given the state’s population growth and persistent droughts. Now, though, the goal is caught up in sidebar politics, and it’s […]